Marzo 29, 2012




Free The Network - Occupy Wall Street Protesters Work to Build an Independent Internet

You’re on the Internet. What does that mean?

Most likely, it means one of a handful of telecommunications providers is middlemanning your information from Point A to Point B. Fire off an email or a tweet, broadcast a livestream or upload video to YouTube, and you’re relying on vast networks of fiber optic cables deep underground and undersea, working with satellites high above, to move your data around the world, and to bring the world to your fingertips.

It’s an infrastructure largely out of sight and mind. AT&T, Level 3, Hurricane Electric, Tata Indicom – to most these are simply invisible magicians performing the act of getting one online and kicking. To many open-source advocates, however, these are a few of the big, dirty names responsible for what they see as the Web’s rapid consolidation. The prospect of an irreparably centralized Internet, a physical Internet in the hands of a shrinking core of so-called Tier 1 transit networks, keeps Isaac Wilder up at night.

Heavy. Decentralized internet access. Watch this!

Isaac Wilder, the star of the documentary, is currently doing an AMA on Reddit. Go ask him a question.

Una internet descentralizada es la reconstrucción de la biblioteca de Alejandría. Una idea prometedora para ecualizar la distribución de información.

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